Claims: Charters for the parent foundation: Trust 1917 and its child foundation: SOART

It is good to not be a beggar to the government if one’s role is being an instrument for natural law. After two separate denials of SOART’s claims, and the rebuttal of the lengthy letter “Blank”, the NMFS (National Marine Fisheries Service) accepted said claims (click on the link: IFQprgmComment021314 (1).)

The Charter for Trust 1917 and the Charter for SOART* were created before the implementation of the QS/IFQ (Quota Share/Individual Fishing Quota) program. The Charter for Trust 1917 (challenging the tax-exemptions of foundations, period) was sent to the U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Barbara Franklin by facsimile twice, then received by said via USPS Express Mail, April 24, 1992 (see: USPS Express Mail Return Receipt -copy-of- at microfilm page 000945.) Regarding fishery law, said mailing included the letter to NPFMC (North Pacific Fishery Management Council) member Rick Lauber of March 1, 1992 -microfilm frames 000938 to 000944- suggesting numerous still-pertinent things, including getting rid of the NMFS (National Marine Fisheries Service) Bank, and barring fuel in the direct harvest of halibut. Note that Secretary Franklin didn’t sign off on this QS/IFQ law.

The Charter for SOART* was put into writing and notarized May 20, 1994, of and within a letter to Attorney William S. Williams -microfilm frame 000908-, I (regarding the funding matter of SOART) quote:

“On to page 59384 [of the Federal Register], column 3, the ‘response’ to ‘comment 6’, ‘there are no private property rights in wild fish before they have been reduced to one’s possession.’

Here’s the horn of their dilemma, and the avenue for my funding SOART. My allocation will never be caught. They are creating title, assigning property rights, not reassigning property rights, ie [sic] they can’t take away from someone what that someone doesn’t own, a significant truth which even some relatively ‘big shot’ fishermen are realizing in view of this.

My tiny allocation must remain, yet will never be harvested (‘never’ of the same qualifier per ‘perpetual’ of Trust 1917 ‘parent foundation’ to SOART) and is so the funding, jointly of the N.M.F.S. and SOART (Sails, Oars, Arms, Restitution Trust), I, John Jaskoski, here at Henry’s Bar, Kodiak, Alaska, at 1:10 a.m. Thursday May 19th, founder of SOART and co-funder with N.M.F.S., do say.”


IFQprgmComment021314 (1)

*In the acronym SOART, the letter “R” stood for “Restitution” until early January, 2016, when the word “Resuscitation” took its place, so it is the Sails, Oars, Arms, Resuscitation Trust, now and going forward.